Dear Muslim Travelers,

Yesterday I was looking at a flight but wasn’t sure if I should buy it yet. When I looked at the same fare today, I saw it had gone up in price! My heart sank. I searched frantically on other websites, but they all had the same increased price. Why do airline fares go up right when I’m about to buy?


Ripped Off


Dear Ripped Off,

We feel your pain. Airlines are businesses and they know how to get the most out of your wallet. Most airline websites or any other flight search website will use a type of tracking file called a cookie into your computer without you even knowing it.

No, not that kind of cookie! This cookie will track which flight you’re interested in and will make note of it, so the next time you come back and visit the website, the price will have increased.

The way to get around this is to make sure you are in “Incognito” mode when searching for fares. “Incognito” mode can be found in Google Chrome as seen below.

Other internet browsers have similar modes – Firefox has “Private Browsing” and Internet Explorer has “InPrivate”. These special modes block any cookies from being placed on your computer, ensuring you get the same fare each time you visit the website. Hope this helps!

Happy traveling!

-Muslim Travelers