Top Halal Hotels in Spain

Best Halal Hotels in Spain

Finding halal food while traveling can add a lot of stress to your trip, but thankfully, more and more hotels are starting to offer halal food for Muslim travelers. Here’s a list of our top Muslim-friendly picks in Spain.

It’s great to see the increasing availability of Muslim-friendly travel services and facilities across the world! The halal tourism market is rapidly growing, and we hope more hotels follow suit!

1. Hotel Ritz in Madrid, Spain

Average Price: 346 euros/night

Rating: 90/100!


2. Villa Padeirna Palace in Marbella, Spain

Average Price: 291 euros/night

Rating: 89/100



3. Mandarin Oriental in Barcelona, Spain

Average Price: 675 euros/night

Rating: 88/100


4. Axor Barajas in Madrid, Spain

Average Price: 72 euros/night

Rating: 86/100


5. Hesperia Presidente in Barcelona, Spain

Average Price: 154 euros/night

Rating: 85/100


6. Gala in Madrid, Spain

Average Price: 68 euros/night

Rating: 83/100


7. Hotel Carmen in Granada, Spain

Average Price: 98 euros/night

Rating: 80/100


8. Hosteria Lineros 38 in Cordoba, Spain

Average Price: 64 euros/night

Rating: 80/100