Top Halal Hotels in France

Best Halal Hotels in France

Finding halal food while traveling can add a lot of stress to your trip, but thankfully, more and more hotels are starting to offer halal food for Muslim travelers. Here’s a list of our top Muslim-friendly picks in France.

It’s great to see the increasing availability of Muslim-friendly travel services and facilities across the world! The halal tourism market is rapidly growing, and we hope more hotels follow suit!

  1. Five Seas Hotel in Cannes, France

Average Price: 200 euros/night

Rating: 91/100!


2. Chateau La Moune in Bourdeux, France

Average Price: 364 euros/night

Rating: 91/100!


3. Marquis Faubourg Saint Honore in Paris, France

Average Price: 366 euros/night

Rating: 90/100!


4. d’Europe in Avignon, France

Average Price: 205 euros/night

Rating: 89/100


5. Buddha Bar Hotel in Paris, France

Average Price: 372 euros/night

Rating: 88/100


6. Le Caballin in Volgegrun, France

Average Price: 72 euros/night

Rating: 86/100


7. La Bergerie des Anges in Le Bignot-Mirabeau, France

Average Price: 172 euros/night

Rating: 86/100


8. Grand Hyatt in Cannes, France

Average Price: 225 euros/night

Rating: 84/100


9. Domaine du Soleil Couchant in Saint-André-de-Roquelongue, France

Average Price: 209 euros/night

Rating: 84/100


10. Chateau Serre Barbier in Saint Beat, France

Average Price: 77 euros/night

Rating: 83/100


11. La Reserve  in Ramatuelle, France

Average Price: 857 euros/night

Rating: 82/100


12. Radisson Blu Resort at Disneyland Paris

Average Price: 98 euros/night

Rating: 77/100