Traveling doesn’t have to be uncomfortable — check out our tried and true list of the Top 10 Muslim Travel Tips and Hacks. Your next trip will be a breeze!

1. Place your hijab pins in a tic tac container to avoid losing them (or accidentally stepping on them).


2. Resorting to toilet paper while traveling is uncomfortable. Your bottom begs for salvation… so buy a Travel Bidet! It’s a good investment and you’ll use it for many years to come.

travel bidet

3. Most airports have an interfaith room or a mosque where you can pray and relax. It’s the perfect, quiet place to unwind and meet other travelers, especially if you’ve got a long layover.


4. Bring a thermos with lemon, honey, and your own tea bag. Then have the flight attendant fill it with hot water to make your own special “sunnah” beverage! 


5. Keep a yoga mat in your car as a portable prayer rug. If these cute cats don’t convince you, we don’t know what will.


 6. Always have chocolate to offer your neighbors. Whether you are sitting on the plane or waiting in line, it’s a great way to start a conversation, give some great dawah, and make a new friend.



7. On the last day of your trip, collect all your loose change and give it to someone needy. You won’t get much out of it at a currency exchange and all the airport shopping is overpriced anyway, so it’s better to just give it away.


8. Use the local mosque to network. Get recommendations from the local Muslims on the best halal restaurants and things to do. They may even invite you to their home for a meal where you’ll get a true “local” experience!



9. Always ask for a halal option when booking your flight. You’ll get your food first (on western airlines) and if you don’t like it you can usually swap it for a regular meal!



10. Roll your hijabs and other clothes to reduce wrinkles and save space. For an added bonus, place a dryer sheet in your suitcase to keep all your clothes smelling fresh!