Some of the most exquisite and flavorful foods originate from the Muslim world, and Ramadan is the time of year for everyone to showcase their best! Here are some of our favorite dishes along with their recipes that you can try for suhoor or iftar. Prepare one of these dishes and share it with your neighbors, relatives, or the needy and get the reward of feeding a fasting person!

NOTE: This post is not safe for daylight hours in Ramadan… You’ve been warned.


1. Menemen – Traditional Turkish eggs with tomatoes, peppers, and spices


Image via Wikimedia Commons


2. Marzipan Stuffed Dates – Originating from North Africa and elsewhere, these dates are stuffed with a sweet almond paste, then dipped in chocolate and pistachios!


Image via Sobeys


3. Dukka – This Egyptian spice blend of toasted nuts and seeds is addictive when served as a dip with fresh bread and olive oil.


Image via The Luna Cafe


4. Tajin Sibnekh – Delicious baked chicken and egg dish from Tunisia


Image via lindentea


5. Bolani – This flatbread from Afghanistan has a fragrant, savory filling.


Image via rhubarbarians


6. Fesenjan – A rich, tangy Iranian chicken stew flavored with pomegranate syrup and ground walnuts


Image via simplyrecipes


7. Nasi Kerabu – a Malaysian rice dish served with fish or chicken, pickles, and other sides. Best of all, the rice is blue!


Image via sabedex


8. Haleem – the ultimate comfort food from South Asia, this lentil stew is slow-cooked with minced meat and aromatic spices, then topped with fried onions, mint, ginger, chilies, and lemon.


Image via umamikitchen


9. Sawine – a rich Guyanese dessert made with vermicelli noodles and milk, flavored with cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg, and other spices. Similar to seviyan from Pakistan and India.


Image via 196flavors


10. Layali Lubnan – Translated as “Lebanese nights” in Arabic, this is a soft semolina pudding is covered with freshly whipped cream and topped with syrup and nuts.


Image via landandflavors


11. Qatayef/Atayef – This ultimate pancake is a staple in the Middle East! The sweet dumplings are filled with cheese and nuts and drizzled with honey.


Image via The Telegraph