The Muslim Bucketlist of Halal Fun!

We've provided over 200 fantastic ways for you to explore this beautiful earth, have fun, and grow spiritually! Personally, we've completed the items in BOLD and will be blogging about those soon.

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Hajj - if you have enough money make sure you do this FIRST

Learn Islamic History
Visit the first university in the world build by a Muslim woman in Fes, Morocco
See famous Islamic relics at Topkapi Palace
Visit the Alhambra and learn about the rich history of Islamic Spain
Visit Istanbul to learn about the great Ottoman Empire
Visit the Museum of Islam Art in Doha
Visit the Islamic Arts Museum in Kuala Lumpur
Visit La Rabida, Spain to see where Columbus set sail for the new world with Muslim navigators
Visit the Alcazar Castle in Segovia, Spain built by Muslims
Unique Muslim Cities to Explore
Visit the Muslim blue city of Chefchouen in Morocco
Visit the colorful Muslim town of Bokaap in Cape Town, South Africa
Visit the floating Muslim village of Ko Panyi in Thailand
Pray Around the World
See the most expensive mosque in the world - Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan mosque in Abu Dhabi
Sit in a halaqa at Al Azhar in Cairo
Visit Mosque of Amr - first mosque in all of Africa!
Pray Jumuah at Masjid Aqsa - 3rd holiest site in Islam
Visit Mosque of Umar
Pray Jumuah in the Blue Mosque in Istanbul
Pray in Masjid Qiblatain where the Qibla was changed
Pray in Great Mosque of Djenné in Mali
Pray Negash Mosque in Ethipoia
Pray Nasir al Mulk Mosque - Isfahan, Iran
Pray in the first modern mosque designed by a woman - Sakirin Mosque in Istanbul
Pray in a chinese-style mosque (Beijing, Shanghai)
Pray in the Great Mosque of Cordoba (although you are not supposed to! security guards walk around, pray silently or sitting down...)
Pray in a Pink Mosque (Putrajaya Mosque in Malaysia)
Attend a salawat in the largest mosque in Indonesia - Masjid Istiqlal
Learn Sklls
Learn Arabic (in progress)
Learn archery

Learn beekeeping
Learn calligraphy
Learn how to swim
Learn how to surf
Learn to sail
Learn to ski
Learn fencing

Learn sign language
Learn how to waterski
Learn the art of blowglass
Learn a martial art
Famous Islamic Landmarks
See the Dome of the Rock
Visit the Cave of the 7 sleepers in Jordan
Visit Mount Sinai
Visit Mount Judi (Turkey)
Visit Mount Hira
Visit Mount Thawr
Pray on top of Mount Arafah in Mecca
Visit the Cave of Lut in Jordan

Visit the Tomb of Hawa in Jeddah
See the Cathedral of Abraha in Yemen
See the Body of Fir'awn in Cairo

Appreciate Allah’s Beauty
See the Northern Lights
Pray in open nature
Watch a sunset/sunset 

Hike the Inca Trail to Macchu Picchu
Seeing how small you are in the Grand Canyon, USA
Ride in a Hot Air balloon in Capadocia, Turkey

See Pink Dolphins in the Amazon
Learn to identify different types of trees
Seeing Sakura in Japan
Walk on a black sand beach
Walk on a glass beach
Walk on a pink sand beach
Sleep under a blanket of stars
Watch a meteor shower
Witness a Solar Eclipse
Camp on the beach

See the Salmon Run
See Waitomo Glow-worm Caves
See Milford Sound in New Zealand
See the nations mentioned in the Quran
Relive the story of Musa in front of Great Pyramids of Egypt
Visit Petra
Visit Pompeii
Visit the Dead Sea
Go snowboarding
Go skydiving
Go surfing
Go ziplining
Go paintballing
Go camping
Go kayaking
Go ice skating
Go deep sea fishing
Go zorbing

Go whale watching
Go heli-skiiing
Go ice fishing
Go spelunking
Go standup paddle boarding

Go fly fishing
Go whitewater rafting
Go kayaking through sea caves
Find Nemo (Go snorkling)
Go parasailing
Go on an african safari
Go hiking in a rainforest
Go absailing

Go cage diving with sharks
Live like a bedouin
Live and work abroad
Backpack through Europe
Backpack through SE Asia
Climb up to the top of a volcano
Get a motorcycle license
Jump off a cliff into a lake
Bunjee Jumping!
Visit a live volcano
Walk on the Great Wall of China

Run a marathon
Walk on a Rain-forest Canopy
Step in all 6 continents
Shower under a waterfall
See a rocket launch
Spend Ramadan in another country
Spend time with a foreign Muslim family
Visit a concentration camp in Germany
Visit Hobbiton in New Zealand
Milk a cow
Catch a shark
Sit on a shark
See a sulphur pool
Soak in a natural hot spring

Go to Antarctica
Talk to a robot in Japan
Drive down Lombard Street in San Francisco
Visit the White House
Visit a castle
See Wild Penguins
Visit a slum
Walk down Haji Lane in Singapore
Drive on the ‘other’ side of the road
Give the azaan out loud in a random place
Visit an orphanage
Experience air pollution
Ride in a water taxi in Bangkok
Hike the swiss alps
Go to the top of the eifle tower
Experience zero gravity
See Sydney Opera House at sunset
Add a love lock to a bridge
Get lost in a foreign country
Visit inuit village
Abseil down a waterfall
Swim with Whale Sharks
See a live Muay Thai boxing match
Attend a wedding in a different country
Be a tourist on your own town

Drive a snowmobile
Drive a speedboat
See the run of the bulls in Spain

Camp and sleep on top of a mountain
Jump building rooftops in Morocco, Aladdin-style
Get stuck in a blizzard on a highway
Fill all the pages in my passport
Get picked up at the airport with a sign with my name on it
Ride a bullet train
Take a cooking class in Thailand
Walk across Shibuya crossing
Go on a cocoa farm tour
Wake up to the adhaan in a cave hotel in Cappadocia
Have an elephant give you a massage in Thailand

Stay in a Yurt
Stay in a houseboat
Stay in a $1000/night hotel for free
Sleep in an igloo
Sleep in a tipi
Stay in a ice hotel
Stay in an underwater hotel
Stay in a hotel room with its own private pool

Sleep in a castle
Sleep in a treehouse
Sleep in a capsule hotel in Tokyo
Sleep in a hammock
Ride with a professional driver on a racetrack
Ride in a double decker bus
Ride an elephant
Ride a camel
Ride a jet ski
Ride in a police car on a police chase
Ride a seaplane
Ride an ostrich like in Lion King
Ride in a ricksha
Ride in a limo
Ride a tandem bike
Ride a tobaggen down the Great Wall of China
Ride a train through the Swiss Alps
Ride a ship through icy waters

Ride a horse
Ride the world's longest escalator to the masjid in Hong Kong
Eating Muslim-inspired crescent shaped croissants in Paris
Eating gelato and pizza in Italy
Eat a doner kebab in Europe
Order lunch from a vending machine in Tokyo
Try at least 10 different kinds of kebabs in Turkey
Try authentic Bunny Chow in South Africa
Eat a halal steak in Argentina
Eat Injera in Ethiopia
Eat Stroopwafel in Amsterdam
Eat Koshary in Cairo
Have a meal with a random Muslim family
Eat an Alfajor Oreo
Eat couscous in Morocco
Eat the deserts of kings in Istanbul - baklava!
Eating Conveyer belt sushi in Tokyo
Eat cherry blossom ice cream
Eat halal korean bbq in South Korea
Eat halal bbq lamb skewers at a Uighur Market in Shanghai
Try Muslim Snacks in Beijing
Eat singapore ice cream
Eat a halal burger in New Zealand
Start a non profit
Volunteer at a school for refugees
Visit an orphanag
Offer free services/resources for Muslims
Participate in protests
Pay for a stranger’s groceries/meal

Give up my seat on a plane in business class
Donate blood
Speak at an international conference and share your knowledge
Be a mentor
Help rebuild homes in disaster areas
Sponsor an orphan
Volunteer at a hospital
Teach Islam at local Prison
Help organize a leadership conference
Make Ramadan/Eid sweets for your neighbors
Sponsor a water well in Africa


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